Youth Ministry

The Age of Youth is a period in the life of every human when strength is in abundance. It is a period when a human being either makes or mars his life. In the light of these assertions, The Age of Youth is a time in every human being's life that must be taken seriously.
At The Refiner's Place we understand this.
Our Mission Statement, as it concerns the youths at The Refiner's Place Ministries, is to develop young persons that are very aware of the consequences of their actions as they transition into becoming fathers. This is in light of Ecclesiastes 11:9.
To develop youths that do warfare the right way.
To develop young persons that are well informed as far as their destinies are concerned, so that they can properly attain their God-ordained place in life.
To develop youths that can access their life mission scripturally.
To develop young adults that will work on themselves to be the best in their chosen careers.
To develop youths that are self starters and divine goal getters.
At the Refiner's Place Youth Ministry, we are serious about achieving our goals so as to be true with our mission statement. To this end, the following programmes are conducted regularly by the Youth Ministry of the Church:
This is a 2-hour programme, where young people within the church, as well as other invited young persons, come together to study the Bible. 
After a 45, or 60-minute study, anchored by either the youth pastor or a pre-appointed speaker, there is time for questions and answers. This session is overseen by a seasoned pastor of the ministry who is saddled with the oversight of the youths.
This is 4-hour prayer programme made compulsory for every executive member of the Youth Ministry. Its attendance is open to all youth members at the branch of the church, where the prayer meeting holds.
At the programme, intensive prayers are made for the church, the youths, the men, the women and the children. Prayers are also made for the nation. After the prayer session, while others go to bed, the youth executive convene to discuss the way forward for the youth group in the various branches of the church.
This is an annual get-together organised for the youths of the church, and their invited guests. At the meet, various activities are staged, including seminar talks, drama, talent shows, and a session of the Word by the G.O of the church or his appointed representative. Provision is also made for dining at the event.
Without a functional Youth Ministry, the church might not have the right persons in place to successfully carry the baton onto the next generation, and keep the church on course when the current fathers have gone to be with the Lord. To ensure continuity and perpetuity of the divine mandate, a functional youth group, which has a working understanding of the mission of the church, must be in place.
The task seems challenging, but with God at the helm, nothing shall be impossible.