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Order Of Programmes

• Sunday (Weekly)
   Worship Service 8am - 11:30am
• Wednesday (Weekly)
   Counseling. 10am - 2pm

• Thursday (Weekly)
   Fortify Thyself  8am - 11:30am

• Last Friday of the Month
  Power Night   12am - 4am
  Interdenominational Services

• 2nd Saturday of the Month
  7 Hours with God  6am - 1:00pm

• Tuesday (Weekly)
   Ministers Fellowship  8am - 12pm

• 1st Saturday of the Month
   Workers/Ministers Retreat 8am- 3pm
24 Hours with God comes up every three month.The next one will be in February 2016.It runs from 6am on second Saturday of the month(it will hold ) to 6am the following day (Sunday ).



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REFERENCES: HEBREWS 11:8, JOHN 8: 34-35, JOHN 15: 15, EZEKIEL 46: 16 -17, I SAMUEL 26: 17- 19

Your inheritance is waiting for you, but you have to search it out before you can make use of it and enjoy it.

You need to know what you stand to gain in Christ because you cannot use the weapon you have no access to. Therefore, the first step in this

search is to know the mystery about your inheritance.

You must understand that there are three levels of inheritance in Christ. Each level is determined by the nature of your relationship with Christ,

and in turn determines what you experience as a Christian.

 Children/servants- those who fail to grow in the faith and remain at the level of just being born again are children and they will be

treated like servants (Gal 4:1). This category of people cannot access the true power of God, although it is their covenant right,

because of their level of immaturity.

 Sons- these are Christians who are mature. This level of maturity is reflected in their experiences as Christians, and not in their ability

to speak in tongues.

 Friends: these are Christians who have grown to become the friends of God.

These levels can apply to the same Christian. It is possible for a Christian to grow from a child to a son, and mature in his relationship with God

to become a friend. Abraham is a perfect example.

Just as a man cannot inherit a property, of which the address and location is unknown, it is also impossible for a Christian to inherit in Christ,

what he does not know about. If he cannot recognize it, he cannot access it.

Heb 11:8

By faith Abraham, when he was called out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing

whither he went.

You must know the place of your inheritance before you can lay claim to it.

The first thing God did with Abraham, was to show him the land of his possession. He was called to go to the place before he received it. At this

stage, he was still a child (his age of 75years did not earn him sonship or friendship with God). However, he grew to become a son and

eventually a friend of God.

The question is: what level are you?

You also can inherit the creative nature and power of God, but you have to see the power of God before you can receive it. Your level

determines your inheritance.

Jn 8: 34-35

Jesus answered them, verily, verily, I say unto you, whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abideth not in the house for

ever: but the Son abideth ever.

Anyone who commits sin is ignorant of the consequences. Sin enslaves you and makes one a servant. Such does not abide in the house of God

forever. He will be there for a while, but he cannot stay forever. The devil will ultimately seek such a person out. If you therefore find yourself a

slave to sin, it is best that you repent your ways and change your level-from servant to son.

Jn 15: 15

Henceforth, I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard

of my Father I have made known unto you.

Another feature of a servant is ignorance of what his lord does. A Christian who seeks spiritual help from unholy sources is displaying the

ignorance of a servant.

A friend of God will act differently. Why? because he is after the heart and mind of God, not the deeds of men. He seeks to know the mind of

God. God reveals His secrets to him because He has seen that he can be trusted. He revealed His secrets to Abraham, and Jesus revealed His

secret to the disciples.

The wonderful thing about being a friend of God is that you become a participator in the divine flow -an unending source of His virtue. Abraham

became the source of the blessing we enjoy as Christians today because he was God’s friend. Moses also became the source from which the

anointing was taken and passed on the 70 elders.

Eze 46: 16 -17

Thus saith the Lord GOD; if the prince give a gift unto any of his sons, the inheritance thereof shall be his sons’; it shall be their possession by

inheritance. But if he give a gift of his inheritance to one of his servants, then it shall be his to the year of liberty; after it shall return to the

prince; but his inheritance shall be his sons’ for them.

This is the law of the inheritance. A Christian who moves away from God jeopardizes the sustenance of his divine inheritance because the gift

he inherited will go back to the owner- he is a servant. A son however retains the inheritance and guarantees it forever.

Based on the three levels therefore, we have three types of inheritance:

 Temporary- this is the inheritance of the servant. It does not endure forever, but returns to the giver.

 Permanent- the inheritance of a son. It endures forever.

 Standard- at this level, the friend not only receives an enduring inheritance, but also becomes a standard for others. Whenever

anyone desires a virtue or a blessing from God, He simply refers him to His friend as a reference point.

I Sam 26: 17- 19

And Saul knew David’s voice, and said, is this thy voice, my son David? And David said, it is my voice, my lord, O king. And he said, wherefore

doth my lord thus pursue after his servant? For what have I done? Or what evil is in mine hand? Now therefore, I pray thee, let my lord the king

hear the words of his servant. If the LORD have stirred thee up against me, let him accept an offering: but if they be the children of men, cursed

be they before the LORD; for they have driven me out this day from abiding in the inheritance of the LORD, saying, Go, serve other gods.

David had been in the wilderness for a long while, fleeing for his life from Saul. The reality of his kingship had remained elusive, frustrated by

Saul and his men. That night, David spoke- he cursed all who were responsible for keeping him away from his inheritance. True to his words, all

of them died.

Today, you must be ready to speak. Speak against every personality that has kept and frustrated your efforts to become who God has destined

you to be.

God has enthroned you as a king. He has anointed you to be great. But everywhere you turn, you are met with frustration. If this is because of

your sin, then ask God for forgiveness. But if is because of the devises of evil personalities, then be ready to curse that enemy and claim your



 My Father, whatever sin keeps me from abiding as a son in Your presence, have mercy and forgive me.

 Fire of God, I expose my life to You. Possess and cover me.

 Any wicked power behind the affliction and torment in my life; I curse you and destroy your power in Jesus’ name

 Every power stirring up evil against my life; I curse you and destroy you by fire.

Bible Reading Plan


Isaiah 23-27


2 Kings 18:1-8
2 Chronicles 29-31
Psalm 48


Hosea 1-7


Hosea 8-14


Isaiah 28-30


Isaiah 31-34


Isaiah 35-36
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Bible School Calender 2016

2015 Calendar for our Bible School.

January 23rd, 2016. Time 8am - 4pm

April 23rd, 2016. Time 8am - 4pm

The Bible school comes up every 4th Saturday in the months listed above. The venue is at the Church Auditorium.




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